‘Conscious Cocoa’ Recipe

Hot cocoaPhoto: Flickr/ ndrwfgg

Both yogins with major sweet tooth’s, Vivekan and I always jones for hot cocoa this time of year. Extensive travels to Mexico make us quite particular for the real stuff. (Mexican hot chocolate, if you’ve never had it, is where it’s at.)

In our typical mid-winter craving, Vivekan whipped up a cocoa recipe that we’re proud to say is not only delicious but eco-friendly to boot! While savoring our hot mugs of creamy, choco goodness, we realized every ingredient, if not organic, was fair trade. The extra bonus: making it with love!

The extra, extra bonus: its protein-rich, low-sugar qualities happen to make a mug a perfect pre- or post- class snack to keep you — and muscles — strong!

Recipe yields 2 mugs.

Conscious Cocoa

16 oz. of organic milk of choice. (We used dairy but any alternative will work — hemp, soy, etc.)

2 tbps. of Fair Trade, organic, unsweetened ground cocoa. (We used Lake Champlain brand.)

1 tbsp. of organic agave nectar. (We used Madhava brand. You can sweeten to your taste.)

Pinch of organic cinnamon.

Heat the milk in a saucepan without letting it boil. Stir in cocoa and agave. Pour, sip, dash in cinnamon and enjoy in Maha Sukha (Skt., Great Bliss!)

:)  Jess + Vivekan

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