Vivekan’s Weekly Bit: Yoga can Prevent Memory Loss

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This is a weekly post from Bodhisattva Yoga’s founder/co-director offering weekly bits of research findings, suggestions, and musings on all things directly & indirectly related to the broad Path of Yoga.

(To my loyal readers, thank you for your patience… My weekly bit had to lapse a couple of weeks due to studio demands, and more.)

Recently, while reviewing Science Daily articles I stumbled upon one that discussed how even a “small amount of exercise could protect against memory loss” – even among the elderly. This may seem like common knowledge to those in the world of active living. However, the article in question discussed something that was new to me.

What I had not suspected was the fact that long-term memory loss can abruptly occur as a result of an infection, injury, or illness — especially in our advanced years. I never made the connection before reading the study summary on the research led by CU-Boulder Research Associate Ruth Barrientos.

Barrientos and her colleagues found that just a little bit of exercise provides profound protection against brain inflammation and lasting memory impairments that result from a severe infection.

This finding can confer great motivation for us. Life and its demands can lead us to put off our practice. Now, we are armed with yet more knowledge to help motivate us to keep a regular practice. Let Jess & I help you… Enroll now to promote your health and maintain your preventive lifestyle.

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