Vivekan on Bodhisattva Yoga's Weekend Retreat at DNKL Sept. 18-20

On the weekend of September 18-20th, I led the Bodhisattva Yoga at DNKL: New England in the Fall Weekend Yoga Retreat in Redding, Connecticut. It was hands down my favorite retreat yet.

There are a number of reasons for this, but here’s several...

Firstly, it was a coming home of sorts... The first retreat I ever led was at the very same location, 11-years ago this month. At the time, it was under the auspices of another organization and going by a different name.

Since that time the center has come under the spiritual guidance of a real master, someone I consider among my teachers, Gyumed Khensur Rinpoche Lobsang Jampa - whom has been very kind to me. Additionally, the center's name has changed to DNKL - Tibetan Buddhist Center for Universal Peace.

Secondly, I love the work that I do… It’s always a pleasure sharing my Bodhisattva Yoga system of instruction with open and enthusiastic people. I was surrounded by some of the longest running and most sincere practitioners Bodhisattva Yoga has. (There are yet other keen and special Bodhisattva Yoga practitioners that were interested, but couldn’t make it this time around.) 

Each of the yogasana sessions that I led were themed around one of the first 4-perfections of a bodhisattva, i.e., giving (Dhana), moral discipline (Shila), patient tolerance (Kshanti) and enthusiastic effort (Virya). Everyone seemed interested in my presentation of the given perfection and how I related it to the practice and life in general, which pleased me immensely.

Thirdly, DNKL's resident teacher, the learned Geshe Lobsang Dhargey - Rinpoche's heart student who has visited and spoken at Bodhisattva Yoga on several occasions - led Dharma talks and instruction in between my yogasana sessions. All of the retreat participants found Geshela's guidance and manner helpful, accessible and disarmingly fun. 

For myself, as the retreat leader, it was helpful – and fun - working with Geshela as it afforded me some windows of downtime and the opportunity to keep my own practices.

Lastly, it as an absolute pleasure to lead a Bodhisattva Yoga retreat at a setting teaming with life and beauty and that supports genuine Dharma study and practice. The food was delicious and made with love and the weather was perfect… In summary, it was an enchanting retreat.

Warm thanks to all of my participants who took time out from their busy schedules to make quality time for themselves. Thank you also to Geshe Dhargey and the team at DNKL. I look forward to leading more retreats at this special location in the future. Join me!

Founder of Bodhisattva Yoga