Original Poem by Bodhisattva Yoga Practitioner Eduardo

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Bodhisattva Yoga practitioner Eduardo wrote a beautiful, original poem inspired by his experiences doing Vivekan's unique system of yoga, and his own growing #BodhisattvaYoga practice and cultivations...

Enjoy and share this inspiration!

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Orginal Poem by Eduardo


what if there was no difference 

between theory and practice and doctrines 

were lived in like a night without stars 


what if practice was merely 

the exertion of the body a teacher leading

your breathing expanding the ribcage


learning the things you’re born with like breathing 

so that there would be no doctrinal disputes among nations 

would we go to war for yoga


across the table our opinions 

would matter less than the postures of our bodies

alone or interlocked


and belief would be a form of wisdom 

gliding across the generations 

like a flat pebble skipping on the water of a lake

Photo by Morgan

Photo by Morgan